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Your Christmas Tree

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Your Christmas Tree

Customers ask us – when should I put up my tree? This question has more opinions than definitive answers.  In older times and traditions the Christmas tree was not set up until Christmas Eve (or the 23rd depending on the religion) and was taken down on the twelfth night, or the 5th of January after Three Kings Day. Some say it’s simple – 12 days before Christmas and it should come down 12 days after Christmas. Others say that family tradition determines when it goes up and comes down. Others say it must not go up until 1 December at the earliest. We have one customer with 20 (yes, 20) trees who starts earlier than 1 December through necessity. Others say whenever you feel like it. Whatever your preference here are a few tips to make it look stunning.

If you have an artificial tree it is very important to spend some time fluffing it. Fluffing means spreading the branches out so you get a full symmetrical tree. You would be surprised how many trees we see that have not been fluffed and they look very skeletal. When you remove the tree from the box you will see that the tips are generally flat against the branches. This is where fluffing comes in. We have found it is easier to assemble the stand and place the bottom section of the tree in this and fluff that section before inserting the second section and so on. One of the advantages of this is that you are less likely to miss fluffing any branches. Once all the sections are on the tree you can then do a bit of re-fluffing so the whole tree looks full. You should not need to do any more to the tree but if it looks a bit thin in places you can always add a bit more greenery by way of a garland or sections of a garland.

Real Tree tips
If you prefer a real tree, try these hints to keep it fresh for the entire holiday season.
  • Keep your tree hydrated with at least 1 pint of cold water a day.
  • Place your tree away from heat sources so the needles don’t dry out.
  • Before you purchase the tree you like give it a shake to get rid of dead needles. If green needles fall off look for another.
  • Try not to use any chemicals near the tree to keep it looking its best.
It is important to use some fillers before you decorate your tree. Fillers can be:
  • Bows & Ribbons
  • Flowers, picks & berries
  • Greenery stems
  • Garlands – you can use a plain green garland and decorate it with berries & pine cones or you can ask us about our Decomesh garlands.

 At Wellington Christmas Company, we sell artificial trees and have spent a lot of time sourcing trees that are good quality and will last for years.  There are many advantages to choosing an artificial Christmas tree. No needles on the floor for one. Artificial trees are cost-effective as they can be packed away and stored safely for next year, and some artificial trees come pre-lit so you don't have to worry about getting all tangled up. Flocked trees are an option for those who want to bring the wintry frost indoors. This type of tree is perfect for creating that Winter Wonderland look in your own home.

Come in and talk to us about the tree that would best suit your home or business.  Keep in mind these tips when thinking about the tree for you:

  • Make sure your tree is somewhere where it isn’t blocking any natural light.
  • Also make sure it is somewhere where you can enjoy it without blocking a fireplace, a window or the TV.
  • Think about a smaller tree for other rooms. We have some great “coffee table” type trees.
  • Make sure the tree is near a power socket.
  • If your tree is too wide or tall, it could end up making your room look smaller. Our trees range in height from 4ft to 10ft so you’re sure to find something to suit.
  • Allow at least 50cm between the top of your tree and the ceiling for your tree topper.
  • Use tape to mark out your floor before you buy your tree. We stock slim look trees which will suit spaces where a tree with a wide girth is not practical.
  • Start adding baubles by using larger plain baubles deeper into the boughs of the tree for depth. Then add larger more decorative items placed diagonally from each other on the outer branches. Fill in between these with smaller and smaller decorations. Remember the rule 1,3,5,7. Decorations look best in odd numbers.
  • The number of lights on your tree is personal preference. We stock seed lights and larger multi-coloured lights.  Generally, you’ll need about 100 lights per foot of tree but that also depends on the number of decorations you want to use. 

Here’s a suggested method for putting up your tree:

  • Lay your tree skirt around the base of the tree first.
  • Add lights before decorations. Plug them in then weave them in vertical waves while moving around the tree horizontally. Step back and see if there are any gaps that need filling.
  • Add garlands, ribbons, picks etc. then your decorations.
  • Finish off by adding a star, angel or Santa tree topper (or whatever is special to you). We have a range of tree toppers and can help you choose. Sometimes a heavy tree topper can lean over. A tip here is to wire a piece of green garden stake to the stem of the tree to hold the topper in place. You can disguise the stake with a bow made of Decomesh.