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ScentSicles White Winter Fir

ScentSicles White Winter Fir


ScentSicles White Winter Fir Scent - each bottle comes with six scented ornaments and swirl hooks.

Each ScentSicle is designed to naturally blend in, simply hang or hide in trees, wreaths, garland, and Christmas decor.

ScentSicles say this is their best-selling scent, White Winter Fir captures the very essence of a fresh-cut Douglas fir and will fill your home with the smell of Christmas.

ScentSicles White Winter Fir Scented Ornaments can make any tree smell like a Christmas tree. Whether adding scent to your artificial tree or enhancing the scent of your real tree, ScentSicles can create that magical Christmas feeling with the smell of a real fresh-cut Douglas fir for the holiday season.

ScentSicles  advise: Keep out of reach of children and pets. If irritation or a rash occurs, wash with plenty of soap and water. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.  Refer to the back side of the ScentSicles bottle for further information.