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Free Shipping on most orders over $100 (see our T's & C's) Free Shipping on most orders over $100 (see our T's & C's)

Earlybird in-store layby

Earlybird in-store layby scheme available at Wellington Christmas Company Limited. Afterpay is available for on-line purchases.

We are pleased to announce that our Earlybird Layby scheme for our in-store customers will continue in 2019.

The following terms and conditions apply to Layby Sale Agreements with Wellington Christmas Company Limited.

Terms & Conditions:

A copy of the terms and conditions will be given to you at the time the Earlybird Layby Sales agreement is entered into. It includes a summary of your rights to cancel the agreement and details of the cancellation fee that is applicable. You will also be given a detailed receipt which will show:

  • ​a clear description of the goods to be supplied
  • the total price payable and the date of sale

Our details:

Wellington Christmas Company Limited 

216 High Street,
Lower Hutt 5010

 Email address:


Who can layby goods using our Earlybird layby scheme?

In-store customers only.

Minimum purchase of $100 is required.

Please note customers may have up to THREE layby with Wellington Christmas Company Limited at any time. Please pay off an existing layby in full before requesting any further layby purchases.

Full priced goods can be purchased using our Earlybird Layby scheme. Goods that are on sale or reduced in price are NOT eligible to be paid for using our Earlybird layby scheme.

Please note we reserve the right to decline a request to layby. For example, we will not offer layby to customers who have cancelled previous laybys or who have required payments to be chased.

Deposits and payments:

A 10% deposit of the total order price is payable immediately to secure the products.

Payments are then to be made in monthly instalments of at least 15% of the purchase price, or as otherwise agreed with Wellington Christmas Company Limited

Monthly payments are to be made on each layby held by a customer if multiple laybys are held

All layby must be completed and paid in full by Monday 25th November 2019.

Payments can be made in-store by Cash, EFTPOS card or Credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or via Direct Credit/Internet Banking


Keeping track of payments:

At any time, you can request a written statement detailing the price, the amount you’ve paid, how much is owing, and any cancellation charge payable if you cancel. Wellington Christmas Company Limited has 5 working days to provide the statement. It will be provided free of charge.

Trouble meeting payments:

If you're having trouble meeting payments, but want to continue your layby agreement, you can ask Wellington Christmas Company Limited if the time period can be extended and therefore the amount of each payment reduced. We don't have to agree, but it will often be a more satisfactory option for both sides than cancelling the deal.

Damaged goods:

Goods on layby are still covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act. If the goods are damaged or faulty, Wellington Christmas Company Limited must repair them, replace them, or give you a full refund. If you wish, you can negotiate a discount.

With layby sales, you don't own the goods until you've made the final payment. It's the responsibility of Wellington Christmas Company Limited to have the goods insured until the final payment has been made.

Collecting your order:

 Once the final payment has been made you can collect your goods in store during our opening hours. Current opening hours will be displayed on our website:

 The goods remain the property of Wellington Christmas Company Limited until full payment has been received.

You are welcome to pay the full outstanding amount at any time to complete your purchase and collect the goods. Once the full outstanding amount has been paid goods must be collected within 5 calendar days if final payment is made prior to 25th November 2019 otherwise:

All goods must be collected by Monday 25th November 2019.

Cancelling a layby:

You can cancel a layby at any time before you take possession of the goods and you don't have to give a reason. The buyer must give Wellington Christmas Company Limited notification in writing that you wish to cancel the Earlybird Layby Sales Agreement.

Wellington Christmas Company Limited can only require you to pay a cancellation charge which is set out below in this layby agreement. The cancellation charge must not be more than the trader’s “reasonable costs”. These include:

  • ​Administration costs, for example, office expenses. 
  • ​The costs of storing and insuring the goods while they were on layby. 
  • ​The loss in value of the goods between the date of the agreement and the date of cancellation. Loss of value is the difference between the item's original price and the price the retailer expects to sell it for now.

 A Layby Cancellation Charge of $25 will apply and will be deducted from any money received prior to refunding any balance owed.

The Buyer will receive a refund of any monies paid less the cancellation charge.

Wellington Christmas Company Limited can only cancel a layby and charge you a cancellation fee of $25.00 if you break the agreement (for example, by not keeping up the payments). We will endeavour to contact you prior to cancelling. Wellington Christmas Company Limited can also cancel the agreement if we cease trading, or owing to circumstance beyond our control, the goods are no longer available and no satisfactory substitute is available. But we can’t charge a fee in these cases and all monies paid will be immediately refunded.

Whichever side cancels, you’re entitled to a refund. If the amount you’ve paid isn’t enough to cover the cancellation charge, Wellington Christmas Company Limited can recover the balance from you.

Changes to layby:

There are to be no changes to the items purchased once the deposit is paid.

No individual items will be removed or added to the layby agreement.

Once the deposit is paid the price for the goods is agreed upon and will not be changed. We will not pass on any price increases or reductions that may occur due to the nature of price rises or future discount sales or offers.

We will comply with the Layby Sales Act 1971 and the new Fair-Trading Amendment Act 2013 which came into force on 17 June 2014.

How to purchase via layby:

Take your selected goods to the counter in store in the normal way and request that your payment be made by way of an Earlybird Layby scheme purchase.

We will request your details in order to set up the layby (name, address (physical & email) and contact phone number). These details will be entered into our computer system.

We will provide you with a confirmation Earlybird Layby Sales Agreement with the terms, our bank account details, amount of deposit due and subsequent payment details (regularity and percentage amount). We will deem that you have agreed to our terms of the agreement on receipt of the 10% deposit.

In addition, we will provide you with an order (layby receipt) number, and a receipt for the deposit paid.

Retailer in receivership:

If Wellington Christmas Company Limited goes into receivership, contact the receiver, whose name and address will probably be on a sign on the shop door. Assuming your goods are still there, you can continue with the agreed payment schedule. If several people put goods like yours on layby and there aren't enough to go around, priority goes to those who've had their layby deal the longest.

If you don't want to buy the goods, or there aren't enough to go around, you are theoretically entitled to a refund. However, generally when a business fails, few creditors get back all their money.

Policy changes:

Please note Wellington Christmas Company Limited reserves the right to change this policy or cease offering payment by Layby.


If you have any questions, please email or phone us on (04) 568-9710 or 027-330-7581 or come in store to 216 High Street, Lower Hutt.